These cookies are INSATIABLY good – to the point where we’ve been having like 4 or 5 boxes every Friday and immediately transforming the rest of the day into “nap time”. This is insane, these flavors cannot be real. They just can’t.

Gregory Ebanks
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


You guys are gonna owe me new pants. 'Cause I'm not going to fit into mine after trying your cookies. WOWZA!! We received a bag as part of a Christmas gift and literally inhaled them and now they're all gone and I honestly don't remember eating them. I just remember they were the best dang shortbreads I've ever had. And my husband asked me 5 times within the minute after we licked the bag clean, where we could find more. Way, way too good…

Nadya Lawson
Oakville, Ontario, Canada


I can't begin to descibe how AMAZING your cookies are. When you look up the word cookie in the dictionary, your picture should be right there. I just had a box of the Dark Chocolate Chip and I had to literally NOT share with anyone else. The texture, aroma and taste were just orgasmically-delicious. Keep it up. 

George Olepere
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


I received a box of your chocolate shortbread in a Christmas gift basket and honestly I can't seem to collect my thoughts on how amazing these cookies were. Incredibly delicious is the first thing that came to mind. How is it that a cookie with four basic ingredients can taste SO good is beyond me. So then you add chocolate? Unbelievable...I was in heaven. Shortbread, chocolate chip and ginger cookies are three cookies I truly love and your shortbread just topped my list. I'm looking forward to trying the others you make. Thank you for making me so excited for putting that second shortbread in my mouth. I saved the last two for my breakfast which coincidentally is now the time for. The anticipation is killing me. Thanks again.

Rocco Michelli
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


These are the BEST COOKIES . . . EVER!!  AN EXCELLENT PRODUCT! I'm going to be your 'WALKING ADVERTISEMENT', whether you want me to be, or not!  These are 'THAT GOOD'!  I bake, and I know when a product is good!  I could TASTE the 'HANDMADE COOKIES' FLAVOUR.

Murielle Poulin
Simcoe, Ontario, Canada


Honestly and simply the best damn shortbread I have put in my mouth! My family can’t get enough of them.  I actually hide some when I can because my 7 and 5 years old will eat them all and not share! 

Diane Costa
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


I would just like to give a special thank you to your team making the best cookies I’ve ever had purchased at a grocery store. They are a staple in my household.

Sheyanne Soomdat
Brampton, Ontario, Canada


Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with your cookies, especially the Milk Chocolate Raisin cookie. I will definitely be a repeat customer.  As a consumer, I am always looking for products that are natural, GMO free, handmade and eco-friendly. Your product is a welcome and much needed alternative to "Christie's Cookies." I will share with my family and friends your product and help spread the word. Thank you for making cookies that are as delicious as they are wholesome. 

Anna Mattiuzzo
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I hate you. I truly hate you guys. Why? Because your cookies are so good, I can't have just one. Did I say one? Yeah, I can eat one. But it's ONE WHOLE BOX per sitting.

Nicol Simard
Brampton, Ontario, Canada


LOVE LOVE LOVE the maple sugar shortbread. 

Crescent Beach, British Columbia, Canada


I just wanted to say that your cookies are AMAZING. I travel frequently via Porter Airlines and I tell ya, when I'm at the lobby, I make sure my bag and my pockets are full of the cookies. It just melts in your mouth. It is so delicious, I had to sneak some out so my friends could try it! Call it abuse, but I call it obsession. Keep up the amazing cookies, I am a proud supporter! Thanks for the yums!

Rochelle Asuncion
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


CookieItUp makes The Best Cookies in the World! I can't pick a favourite. They are all delicious AND peanut & nut free! #GoodFood

Shelley McPherson @ShellMcPherson
New York, NY, United States


I just wanted to say that you are, hands down, my favourite cookie brand. I have to hide them from the rest of my house. Thank you so much for everything that goes into making these. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

Sara Houston
Brampton, Ontario, Canada


I never really do this, and I don't like sweets, but I have to say that I am completely obsessed with your cookies! These are actually the best cookies I've ever had!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Wow....just rec'd a pack of your cookies for my birthday.  Haven't tasted a cookie store bought or home made as good as this ever!!  They were the white chocolate, cranberry shortbread ones.  Can't wait to try some of the others you make!  Wow!

Wendy Vickers
Kars, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to tell you that I really love your cookies! I must say I was very impressed and they tasted phenomenal. What made me the happiest is that you make your products in a nut-free facility and when it comes to desserts and nut allergies, we are typically left with the generic stuff. To add, I am very happy that no preservatives are added and that they are handmade; it makes it all the better.

Madison Ala
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Recently I've had your chocolate shortbread and lacy oat cookies and I really loved them, especially the chocolate shortbread. Today however I tried your gluten-free blueberry cookies and it completely blew me away! Please don't EVER stop making these cookies and please don't EVER change the recipe. Keep up the great work with all of your natural and local products, you've made a loyal consumer out of me!

Omari Dos Santos
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I am a huuuuuge fan of your cookies. Really, they are probably my favourite cookies right now. And I am a cookie fanatic. Thanks!

Tanya Davis
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


This is the first time I've ever eaten a packaged cookie and felt as though I was eating a fresh, home-baked treat. Bravo!

Tammy Kiessig
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to let you know, that I purchased a bag of your Chocolate Shortbread Cookies and a bag of your Breakfast-To-Go cookies yesterday from our local Farm Boy Store here in London, ON. Oh my....they are both...DELISH!!! I checked your ingredient lists and all over the bags 3X, before I brought them home. We have a severe tree nut allergy (that causes anaphylaxis) in our family. Finding treats such as yours, are really hard to come by. THANK-YOU for being a Peanut/Tree Nut Free facility. I will definitely be purchasing your products again.

Sherry Gregorio
London, Ontario, Canada


I fell in love with your cookies on Porter Airlines on a trip flying from Toronto to Windsor. I have flown many places on many airlines. I can quite honestly say they are the best snack ever on an airplane! 2 bites and a cup of tea was wonderful.

Christine DeCourtney
Anchorage, Alaska, United States


I just had your Gluten-free Blueberry cookies and they were absolutely delicious. I love how much butter you put in them and the crumbly texture. I haven't eaten anything that yummy since I was in France and that wasn't gluten-free!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Someone gave me this small bag of cookies and did not pay attention to it at all. Two days gone by and I was looking for something to snack on and OMG, I can't put it down. I ate the whole bag to myself. I just love the White Chocolate with Cranberry and this is the first time I have tried it. 

Marichu Najera
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


I just tried your "Lacy Oat Cookie"...it is FABULOUS!!....I am allergic to cinnamon, so finally an oatmeal cookie I can eat...thank you...thank you...they are wonderful! Will recommend these to my friends.

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to let you know that I tried your cookies for the first time this morning and I have to say OMG! They are DELICIOUS. Absolutely heaven on earth cookies! Who said that shortbread cookies are for Christmas time only!! Mmmmmm. Thank you and all the best!

Filomena Di Rienzo
Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada


Thanks so much for your wonderful cookies!  It is SO very nice to be able to shop for packaged cookies that are nut-free.  I can shop like I used to before my allergy.  As well, it goes without saying (but I will) that your cookies are absolutely divine; a joyful and addictive experience.  Merci beaucoup!

Shane Gracey
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


OMG I died and went to heaven before our flight with Porter. Took several packages cuz they are soooooooooo good. Keep up the great work!

Joyce Lehman
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


I had to write to you. I am a long time fan of your cookies. I was fresh out of university working in an advertising agency in Yorkville and I used to see your little white packages of homemade Chocolate Shortbread and Lacy Oat cookies in the coffee shops (this was around 1985). What amazing memories I have of your treats! We would buy bags as treats in the agency when we needed an afternoon pick me up. I must have introduced most the agency to your amazing cookies. All buttery and decadent. I am so glad your company is doing well and still in business. That says a lot about the quality of your products. Yesterday, I saw you package at Indigo and bought a few packs... all the great memories began coming back...keep it up, Cookie It Up!

Loraine Lawrence
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I took one bite and fell in love with your blueberry cookies and now I want to cookie it up all the time !!!!

Daphne Walsh
Chicago, Illinois, United States


THANK YOU. Thank you, thank you for making GREAT, nut free cookies available. Your effort is so appreciated.

Gaille Lieberthal
Milton, Ontario, Canada


I received a box of your chocolate shortbread cookies in a gift basket this Christmas and I am absolutely hooked! I don't typically eat sweets and try to stay away from preservatives and unhealthy ingredients, so I was happy to read over your ingredient list and see the simple take on your recipe. Keep up the fine work!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to say that your cookies are simply AMAZING! I had them and I fell in love!  

Nav Bal
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


I just discovered your cookies.  All I can say is yum – and I am a cookie baker as a hobby and make hundreds of dozens each year for charity events.   It is the first time I have encountered a commercial cookie that truly tastes homemade. 

Lynn Griffiths
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


I fly Porter Airlines between New York where I live and Toronto where my family is and I mostly look forward to your cookies - best chocolate chip cookies I have had!

Andrea Delman
New York, NY, United States


I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! I suffer from IBS and am strictly following the FODMAP diet so basically feel like I can’t eat anything. I found your gluten-free cookies and because they contain no wheat and are ALL natural ingredients, like you would use when baking at home, I can now eat these without to terrible pains and bloating! I love love love them! Please do make more wheat and milk free items as I will purchase them all! 

Lianne Harrison
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I just wanted to congratulate you on how delicious your chocolate shortbread cookies are.  Great tasting, great ingredients, and local--a good reason to buy these again!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I found the cookies and they are absolutely wonderful. I tried the white chocolate cranberry they are just as good as the chocolate chip! Thank you so much for such a wonderful and yummy product!

Vicky Guilbeault
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


I absolutely LOVE your cookies they are perfect! Just thought you guys needed to know. I actually can't stop buying them. :)

Ida Jay
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Tried your cookies and just loved them! I will definitely be buying more. Also my grandson has a peanut allergy so your product made in a nut free facility was an added bonus.....Thanks.

Marilyn Miller
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


Hello amazing bakers and people at Cookie It Up. I want to say thanks for creating a cookie that is gluten free and tastes delicious, as a health and food enthusiast I can say with utter certainty there is no better cookie on the market than the Cookie It Up brand. I love the gluten free chocolate chip cookies and I love supporting other Canadian entrepreneurs!

Joe Ross
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I took a Porter flight to Halifax recently, and must say I fell in love with your oatmeal cookies. I came back to Toronto, and of course raved about them to all my co-workers. It is the best cookie I have ever had.

Angela Boudreau
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I may love @porterairlines' short bread chocolate chip cookies more than my own mother. @CookieItUp

Anja Gusev @anjagsv